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With the average age of the cast, this is like a Saga holidays promo with guns.On top of Hogarth’s heroes creakily attempting escape, cuddly Greek resistance stud Telly Savalas (dressed like Shaft, or co-opting Rog’s black rollneck) and his squeeze Claudia Cardinale are intent on penetrating the Orthodox monastery atop the local mountain. If the work is a derivative work or a compilation incorporating previously published material, the year date of first publication of the derivative work or compilation is sufficient.

Age 62 at the time, Sonny Bono seemed perfectly fine when, for no apparent reason, he skied off a trail and into a tree.Oh, and while we’re at it, Wilder didn’t submerge any cameras to get that underwater shot.Cinematographer John Seitz put a mirror on the bottom of the pool and filmed the reflection.They string Niven’s gang and the yanks along with the promise of treasure, in reality to blow up a secret rocket base within, straight out of Thunderbirds, manned by stormtroopers dressed just like the silent security droids from Disney’s . Cosmatos’s direction gets into menace-y overdrive here, as the massive rocket (black, of course, like a giant dildo) is slowly wheeled out, its reflection distorted in a guard’s visor.But before that, we have the most incredible scene in the film, when Stephanie Powers distracts the guards with a striptease to , egged on stage right by a straw hat mugging Charlie, whilst Grange Hill’s Mr Bronson as a grinning German goon rocks back and forth like a dog dragging its arse along the rug. Meantime, every other guard is rushing to the bog, due to Sonny Bono (he plays an Italian-American “chef” with an anachronistic shaggy haircut) and his tainted bolognese.

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Despite what Sex and the City episodes told us over the years, generally an afternoon coffee date does not end up with an impromptu sex fest.

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Well, everybody was thinking that but supposedly Christina. I have no idea how she could NOT be thinking of that…”Nivea went on to post his chat with Vlad TV on her Instagram, and had this to say: “Hmmmm.. #She’s AScare Crow”I must be old-school with my disses because I have no idea what makes someone a “scarecrow,” but word is, such a comment is referring to the fact that a scarecrow has no brain.